Saman Lin

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. It's the little details that are vital.

Here's A Useful List

  • Responsive Design
  • One font, 249 icons
  • Powerful front-end framework

Graphic design, as opposed to most art based disciplines, is more on the technical aspect. It’s combines both computer knowledge and an artistic eye to create abstract visuals, websites, books, magazines, packages; literally everything that you own, wear, read, write on or open to eat/drink has some graphic design element attached to it. So graphic designers are pretty much as important as doctors, lawyers or teachers. We convey messages to the world aesthetically.

As a major, graphic design has got to be the coolest one because of one thing.. NO STUDYING. Yep, no heavy set books involved, no flashcards, no term papers to write, and for me that is absolutely perfect as I’m not really one to study volumes of books. But on the down side, graphic design is also the major that requires the most work put into it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours have been spent in my school design lab working on numerous class projects and finessing portfolios, there are times when I would spend every waking moment in that lab. You gain a whole new understanding of the term ‘patience’ when you are a graphic designer.

Skill Bars

I say this because not only have I learnt a side of art I never knew before, i.e. the digital art, but because I have learnt so much more inclusive of that. The graphic design major includes digital and a part of it includes studio arts as well. There is a lot of drawing and sketching involved, there is a lot of crafting involved when it comes to package design, Art history is also incorporated into the major to let the students understand the evolution of graphic design in terms of fonts, movements and styles… Graphic design is basically an all rounded art so unlike most fine arts majors where you only focus on one aspect, graphic design enables you to learn and practice both the digital and non digital arts as well. Plus it’s a lot of fun creating something from scratch, making a brand, designing an identity, conveying a message visually… Graphic designers will always be needed in the job market for any company out there so whether you freelance like I am doing now or you choose to go the contract route, just know that all those hours, in all the 4 years of college, spent in that cold design lab, did not go to waste at all.

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